UN Model Regs 20th Revised Edition Published

The UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods – Model Regulations 20th Edition has now been published in hard copy (June 2017).

The 20th revised edition of the UN Model Regs contains various new or revised provisions including, inter alia:

  • articles which contain dangerous substances or articles;
  • the classification of ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers;
  • the classification of corrosive mixtures;
  • the stabilization of fishmeal to prevent self-heating;
  • cargo transport units containing lithium batteries and used for electricity storage;
  • packing instruction for defective or damaged lithium batteries;
  • the availability of test reports for lithium batteries;
  • the transport of unstable substances under temperature control;
  • the transport of vehicles powered by flammable liquids or gases, fuel cells or batteries.

The electronic (pdf) version is not yet available.

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