March 2018 Edition

ChemRegs Newsletter – March 2018 Coming to a hazardous label near you…….Unique Formula Identifier     A new element will be appearing on CLP labels from 2020. The unique formula identifier, or UFI for short, is a 16-character code that will be required on the label of all products that contain a hazardous mixture in the EU. The UFI will be … Read More

February 2018 Edition

ChemRegs Newsletter – February 2018 Mixing of hazardous waste The issue of mixing items of hazardous waste remains a common error among companies who produce and consign hazardous waste. Different types of waste must be segregated from each other and hazardous waste must not be mixed with non-hazardous waste or with other types (categories) of hazardous waste. If you do … Read More

January 2018 Edition

ChemRegs Newsletter – January 2018 Stone found in the running shoe of fabled circular economy The ‘Circular Economy’ seems to be running into some technical challenges. We are informed that the circular economy will make our businesses very sustainable by re-using our old rubbish, not producing any new rubbish and making us all feel better by buying into ‘natural capitalism’ … Read More